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Some legends just grow
The Tactical Beard Owners Club (or TBOC for short) was founded in August 2011 with a fistful of members that were personally invited by the founder. The genesis of the club was a spontaneous impulse.
It should spark like-minded people to make new friends.
It evolved into the most significant tactical beard network in the tactical scene and has become a true brotherhood.

Inspired by the best
Back in 2002 when the Afghanistan campaign rolled on, the very first units that did deploy were none less than the Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) units known as "Green Berets". They did make the initial advance into the country and worked together with local allies.

Making the difference
What distinguished these men from the regular military was their distinctive facial hair style that they were allowed to have. Not only for personal or strategic security reasons but predominately for cultural acceptance from local inhabitants of hostile environments, who generally perceive bearded men as masculine, experienced and a senior figure within his organization (all above in addition to his personal passion for facial hair) and thereby a person worthy of respect. The beard is a sign of attitude and not for fashion reasons.

The most popular tactical beard pictures you will find on the internet mostly originate from ODA961, one of the first ODAs to venture into Afghanistan. These have ever inspired us and many more people to grow beards in a tactical environment as a statement to the enemy.

(Photo by Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Getty Images

  ODA961 Kunduz Airport 2002
(Photo by Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Getty Images

Historic role models
The "tactical beard" (or "combat beard" or "warrior beard") wasn't an invention of modern times. What we have since 2002 is only a rebirth of it. Before that, if you take a closer look into the history regarding "armed beard owners" you will find that beards have existed on warriors since the beginning of mankind and have been the sign of manliness ever since. No matter if it were the hoplites with their proud beards in the 4th or 5th century BC, the wild Germanic tribes or the Vikings: male warriors had beards.

  (Photo by Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Getty Images

Modern times of the Tactical Beard

TBOC evolved the tactical beard and combines all levels of "Tactical Beard Owners" (or TBOs for short). TBOC assembles hobby/sport/competition shooters, armorers, firearms and tactical gear industry workers, instructors, private or government contractors, law enforcement officers, regular and special forces or veteran military personnel up to Tier1 soldiers from international special forces units with well known names.

We operate worldwide
By early 2017 the club has grown up to 1700+ members from over 25 countries with 40K+ fans on Facebook.
TBOC continuous to expand its network every day.

TBOC finds acceptance in the regular danish army

(Photo by Danish Army)
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