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Today we celebrate our 5th Anniversary!

24.08.2016 12:00 | TBOC ACTUAL (Administrator)

It is a great honor for us today to announce the 5th anniversary of the Tactical Beard Owners Club – founded on 24th of August 2011. What started with just one thought has become a solid institution in the tactical scene.

In the last 5 years so much happened that we will only mention the most significant here: We have become a real vivid social club with a constitution, staff organization and multiple internet platforms. Our logo has become a destinctive mark for the tactical beard owner and we are well known now. We processed 5000+ member applications to hand pick only 1600 of them (so far) to become our brothers. The fluctuation is at a minimum, most original members are still here since the beginning, which shows what a loyal group we are. We have built 40 chapters (so far) all over the world to be bastions for beards to gather members who become brothers. We awarded honorary memberships and made contact with outstanding personalities to promote the tactical beard.

We at Tactical Beard Owners Club wish to express our sincere appreciation to our loyal supporters and fans as we celebrate our 5th year in existence. When we founded in 2011 with merely a handful members, we could hardly foresee our growth to an international institution with staff and 1600+ members. We could not have come this far without the loyality and dedication of our members that we call brothers.

Our joint network of tactical beard owners will continue to grow and in regard of what we want to achieve in the future it feels like we just started. We are excited to look forward to see what can be achieved in the next 5 years.

Let us remember those who are not here with us anymore. We keep up the memory of our deceased brothers. They will never be forgotten.

If you are not member yet check out the requirements for a membership on this website and apply today!

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