The name is the program

Before you start sending in your application to Tactical Beard Owners Club you have to know that we receive many applications per month and we have to make sure right from the start if you meet the prerequisites. The following shall help you to check for yourself if you could be accepted. Please see Membership Levels & Fees too since we have certain membership plans that reach from Basic (free) to Pro (paid) membership with different benefits.


You are currently performing contemporary tactical activities (involving firearms), like
  • hobby/recreational shooting
  • sports/competition shooting
  • hunting
  • being a gunsmith/armorer
  • being involved in the tactical industry
  • being an active law enforcement or active military member
  • being an active private and/or government contractor working in foreign countries
  • being a veteran that still trains and shoots (note that we make no difference if you are disabled but you have to have the mindset to perform tactical activities within your capabilities)
  • a combination of all or any of the above

We do not accept you to be "tactical enough" if you try to "convince" us with the following:
  • you are a Ninja with a great set of martial arts skills but never fired a real gun (we accept pirates that can fire black powder guns though...)
  • that everyone in your family was in the military …except you
  • you enthusiastically buy/sell tactical gear as a collector …only
  • you do reenactment but only know how to handle toy guns
  • …and too much more to mention here


You currently own a full grown beard that is not fashion but a decent seriously meant hair style. For the ease of reference compare your beard to the following images to consider your chances:

It's a beard owners club. Don't you even think about it!

"Strange Fluff"
We are sorry for you. Who told you that this is a "beard"?

Better join a "Magnum fan club". You never bring a mustache to a beard fight

We are still wearing beards when all Hipsters are gone

Absolute minimum allowed beard style. Must be fully grown out or "no chance"

A trimmed but grown out full beard that covers the whole lower face we acknowledge

Recommended beard style and length. This could deserve to be rated "tactical beard"

This actually resembles our average members.
Do you really want to lag far behind?

Owners Club

  • You must be 18+ years of age
  • Have internet access to exchange information and keep in touch with fellow members
  • Have good English skills. English is the main language.
  • Accept to provide personal information about yourself including photo proof of your tactical activities and beard status and the willingness to share it with other members.
  • Let admins check the legitimacy of your claimed background
  • Accept the TBOC Constitution and the TBOC Community Rules (as part of the constitution)
  • The applicant must have a clear criminal record and be prepared to submit proof of their clear criminal record upon request from the founder at any stage of their membership.

    • After membership approval you must be able to join either the Facebook group (for Basic membership and up) or the TBOC Stronghold forum (for Community membership and up)
    • Individuals who behave in a manner which is dangerous or detrimental to the lives or welfare of innocent or other persons, themselves or members of TBOC, or are strongly suspected of being a racist, a bigot, a criminal, or a religious or political fanatic will not be accepted. Behavior which brings TBOC into disrepute, or has the potential to, will result in revocation of application.

It is at the admin's discretion to decide whether your person and beard fits into the club's concept or not.
If you don't make it into the club it doesn't mean that you are not tacticool or otherwise not a badass. This set of prerequisites keeps you and us from wasting precious time. Just accept that we have narrow bounds.

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