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What sounds like a very specific special interest group is in fact a very wide ranged social club that has members from every part of the military, law enforcement and tactical industry that you can think of. TBOC sees itself as a brotherhood and network that uses online platforms like TBOC Stronghold forum and Facebook to let members make friendship with other members online and in real life. In tough professions and jobs members receive that extra support and backup they need – especially those doing service for their countries.

What follows is a frisk glance into the club life with its benefits.

Talking to someone who has "been there done that"
The vast majority of members are active or ex-service men, veterans that are either shifted into contractor jobs or to other branches in a tactical environment. With like-minded people that share the same experiences the members have a convenient platform with others to listen to and to share experience. Letting off steam from time to time can be helpful and pleasant too.

Chapter Camp Xenia (Afghanistan)

New opportunities at hand
A network that is strong in everything tactical helps members to make new contacts and forward information more directly to the right recipients. It is amazing where our members have been and belong to. We have members from every major parts of the industry and military. This leads to new job opportunities, new shared activities and group participation at events. Great meetings at the major events like Shot Show USA and IWA Germany have become reality and are real social events for TBOC.

Local chapters help to connect
TBOC started its first chapter in 2012, namely "KABUL" (Afghanistan), to help deployed contractors and military beards to meet on a regular basis. This concept soon was a solid institution within the club and has been expanded to chapters worldwide. The number of chapters is still counting. See the Chapters page for more information on chapters.

  Camp Marmal (Afghanistan) chapter flag signing

Meetings and real life activities
From the very beginning TBOC was founded as a social club where members shall meet in real life to attend to events and do activities together. Today members meet regularly not only in chapters but also attend to special interest events and even do tactical training together to share experience.

  US Pacific Northwest TBOC Gathering.

State-of-the-art social media and online platforms
TBOC started on Facebook and evolves to a wider range of platforms. A Facebook membership is no prerequisite since members have multiple choices to communicate. Members make contact through this website and can decide wether to join the Facebook group and/or the TBOC Stronghold forum that is exclusively unique for a more concentrated communication. TBOC makes use of the newest technologies with secure internet protocols throughout its platforms and mobile device support for its forum.

In TBOC the awesome people are just the average
What makes this brotherhood so strong is the loyalty of its members for their other brothers. TBOC leaves no brother behind. If one needs help in one way or another, his brothers are there to help him.

The future
What can be said for sure is that TBOC will ever go on to evolve and expand its network and activities. The club is looking forward to use its reputation draw attention to the good cause, starting charity projects in the near future. There are plans for building an international competition team to attend to sportive competition events and a lot more yet secret and in the planning.

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