Member Patches

Show of Force
Only approved members of Tactical Beard Owners Club  are allowed to wear the member badge. These are available to regular members only and cannot be purchased by non-members. Three different types in multiple color versions are available. They are so much sought after that they have been counterfeited since day one, but those rip offs never reached the quality of our original ones. If you want a real patch… you have to earn it.

The "Logo" Badge
The Tactical Beard: No matter if it is "Face Kevlar" or a "Combat Beard",
a beard seperates boys from men:
the more testosterone the more beard will grow and the more he puts up in a fight. True men let grow their beard to let the dust from foreign countries settle in it. A man with beard will be respected by his battle buddies and will be feared by his enemies.

Major League Beard Owner (MLBO)
If you own a beard, travel a lot and handle a gun for your living then you are playing a major role in the game while being in a league of its own.
You are a Major League Beard Owner. TBOC proudly announces a new series of patches centering around the MLBO motive. Just the beginning of a series of TBOC motives in the future.

Bearded Navy SEAL
What is more capable than a Navy SEAL? You are right! A BEARDED Navy SEAL! We have taken the Calico Jack flag and reinvented it to make it even more badass. Beside that, this patch is inspired by the usage of the original Calico Jack by SEAL Team 6.
In addition to that it is an ode to all bearded buccaneers and freebooters out there. May your beard protect you from the elements and stormy seas while making the waves in an ocean of the beardless. Arrr arrrr. This patch is (like all other TBOC patches) fully submersible and waterproof..."

…more to come!

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You are a tactical shooter by hobby or profession and you have a full grown and formidable beard? Then you might want to join us and become part of a unique worldwide community of brothers.