Membership levels & Fees

Multiple membership levels for scalable involvement

If you meet the prerequisites and have become accepted by the club you will become a (full) "Member". You will be assigned to the membership level you requested in your application. Membership levels are used to rate the grade of involvement and contribution. You are free to chose certain membership levels (Basic, Community, Pro) while other levels (Staff, Life) can only be awarded and will only be assigned in the course of your membership by the founder if appropriate. 

Basic, Community and Pro levels give the members a free choice to pick the grade of involvement they want to have with the club. Bound to the level, members will be charged with a fair annually membership fee which assures that all services of the club will be of high standard and can evolve over time. While Basic is and will ever remain free, Community and Pro take account for an intensive usage of services and your involvement in the community. Freedom of choice combined with great convenience: you are able to change your level by yourself at any time while you are a member of the club. Below you find a comprehensive overview of all membership levels.

Membership Levels Overview

Membership Level
Member Type Member Member Member Member Life Member
Member Logo
(displayed by the respective member)
Prerequisites Approved membership Approved membership
+ Once per year POB*
Approved membership
+ Once per year POB*

Approved membership
+ Once per year POB*
+ Special Contribution Skills**
(Assigned only)

Approved membership
(Awarded only for extraordinary involvement)
Facebook Group Access
TBOC WEBSITE          
Pro Content
Directory Search
Directory Search Advanced
Directory Search Extended
Chapter Rooms
Community Areas
Pro Areas
Admin Areas
Mobile Device Support (access via mobile phones/tablets)
Shop Discount
Fees Free €3.75/Month
(Paid annually €45.-)
(Paid annually €69.-)
Free Free
*Proof Of Beard (photo)   **Must have social contribution skills like moderation for the forum or writing / research to generate content.
Not included

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