Simple tips to make a successful application attempt
Once you decide that you want to join, you can apply through our standardized application form. It will take you about five minutes and it will ask about your background and current status. Take your time to fill in your data and be sure you have a good internet connection to be successful.

Last update: 16JAN2015

To apply, follow the steps below.

Make sure you use a computer to fill out the form.
While mobile devices usually work, there were some errors reported by a few applicants in the past.

1) Know the prerequisites.
Visit the Prerequisites page and check if you are eligible for club membership. If you don't match the requirements you will not make it. Period.

2) Which membership level would you opt for?
Check which membership level would suit you best on the Membership Levels & Fees page. While filling in the form you will be asked which level you chose. NOTE: ALL APPLICANTS start at the level named "Application" (it is the only one you can chose at the start). This level is not a membership level. You are still not a member as long as you are holding that level. In fact, if you are not approved, your account will be deleted. Once you will be approved as member, you automatically start with the "Basic" membership level, even if you opted for a higher one. The TBOC Constitution states that you start with the free Basic level and then chose the level you want by yourself. This is fully self-administrable via your profile once you are accepted.

3) Fill out the Application Form
After reading these instructions entirely you can go an fill out the Application Form. Note that your initial level is "APPLICANT – PENDING" and if you are accepted for the application process you will receive an eMail and your level changes to "APPLICANT – ACTIVE". This only means you have been allowed to apply for membership. You are NOT a member yet! You need to follow the instructions in the eMail you received after the form was sent in (see step 7).

4) Agree to the TBOC Constitution.
During the completion of the application form you will be asked to agree to the TBOC Constitution. You can read it while filling out the form or you can better read it now, in advance. Only if you agree to it, you are able to send the form to us.

5) Filling in the form with authentic data.
We ask you to be absolutely authentic with your data. Some of the fields can be filled in voluntarily, others are mandatory and require authentic data. If you lie to us or fill in fake data, you are not worthy to become a part of a real brotherhood. Think twice. We will figure out. This is especially true for stolen valor. You will be checked and if you cheat about your background, you will not only be excluded from the club but also reported to the authorities, if necessary.

Privacy is our major concern: We assure that as long as you are "APPLICANT" your personal data is not shown to any existing members beside the admins (and not to any thirds as well). If you receive approval for the club you then can setup up your privacy by self-administration via your profile and are able to decide which info can be seen by other members. At no time any of the data will be shown publicly. It is safe and secure. If you do not make it into the club, we delete your entire data after a 48 hrs period.

6) Provide an ID picture.
Since we are confronted with fakes and frauds from time to time, we require you to upload a real picture of your current face and beard clearly visible that you can be ID'ed with. If you refuse to provide that picture or if the quality is not sufficient, you will be rejected, no matter what you filled into your profile. Most common ratio is 3:4 (width x height), the optimal upload would be picture that has a 1:1 ratio and is cropped closer to your face. Make sure the beard stays clearly visible.

7) After finishing the form: Stay alert.
You did send in the application via the form and will automatically receive TWO eMails after that: 1) Your PASSWORD to your application profile which is sent to you immediately after your application was sent to us. That eMail is low profile, so check your SPAM folders. 2) eMail: After a while (ASAP but up to 24 hours) you will receive a second eMail. That eMail will ask you and gives you instructions to generate two photo albums for your profile and upload at least three pictures into each one of them: "Proof of Beard" and "Tactical Activities". These pictures will have to backup your written data as a real documented proof of your current tactical activities and your current beard ownership. Failure to provide theses pictures result in a denial and deletion of your application. Applications not complete or not sufficient enough will be deleted after 30 days without warning.

8) Stay calm.
Our admins receive about 300+ applications per month. The current ratio is two approved memberships out of ten applications. We will get back to you as fast as we can. The technical side of this is very fast but we need to check your data and evaluate if you can become a member or not. If not: You will receive an eMail that states that you did not make it and the reasons why. If you did not become a member, refrain from arguing about it with us. It will not help either.

Best of luck!

IMPORTANT! Once you have send in your application you will receive two or more eMails from us.
Make sure that any eMail sent from gets through any SPAM FILTERS or
AD BLOCKING routines. Check your eMail client folders and set us on a "white list".
The only way we will answer your application is through eMails. 

If questions arise or you got stuck on the technical side, you can drop us a message and we will try to figure out how your application will get through to us. To contact us, use the link to the contact form down below.

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