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A beard is a sign of strength and endurance that you can rely on. The same is true for specialized equipment that is made by bearded men. It simply raises the quality over the beardless brands. We are not talking about some „club merchandise“ but premium gear you can count on in the most adverse situations.

  • 12.04.2015 19:00 | TBOC ACTUAL (Administrator)

    With the “TBOC Advanced Tactical Belt“ we give our club members a tactical belt with the best manufacturing processes and materials that are available on the market. And the coolest thing of it all: it is EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEMBERS ONLY. TBOC GEAR is the gear that is built by members for members.


    • Buckle: AustriAlpin CNC-milled aluminium COBRA customized exclusively for TBOC. Stainless steel D-Ring. Breaking load of 18KN (D-Ring: 22KN). ANSI-Certified. Manufactured in the Austrian alps.
    • Belt-Webbing: Flame-retardent MIL-W-4008 Type 7 Class a1 Nylon Webbing. Manufactured in Mil-Spec VII Class 1a. Breaking load of 2.7 tons. Waxed for long-life endurance. Manufactured in the USA.
    • Webbing for D-Ring Rention: Flame-redardent, UV and tear-resistant Hypalon material, with custom TBOC laser text print.
    • Sewing Thread: Manufactured by Gütermann GmbH, Germany. High-tenacity thread used for parachute manufacturing.

    Proven uniqueness: Every TBOC GEAR item comes with its own certificate, signed by the manufacturer and assigned to the owner's name. This guarentees that the belt was manufactured to measure its individual wearer and that you have an genuine TBOC item. No chance for copycats!

    Designed and assembled in Germany. Assembly is a handcrafting process with over 2000 stitches per belt. Each one will be individually made to measure its wearer and comes with a unique consecutive serial number plus its own certificate. The TBOC Advanced Tactical Belt is limited to 500 pieces.

    TBOC GEAR is only available for members that hold membership for 6+ months.

NOTE: TBOC GEAR – as well as any TBOC merchandise – is for members with 6+ months of membership only!

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