Constitution of
Tactical Beard Owners Club

Founded 24th of August 2011
With a membership in Tactical Beard Owners Club members agree and follow the clubs' constitution and by-laws which are described as follows.

Last update: 09MAY2015

1. Club

1.1 The Name

The name of the club is „Tactical Beard Owners Club“, abbreviated to „TBOC“ (also referred to in this document as „the club“).

1.2 Trademark / Copyright

TBOC design is the sole property of its creator. The TBOC logo, name, patch designs, web designs and all other designs are the sole intellectual property of its creator. As with any other individual outside the club, in NO WAY does a TBOC membership enable you to use, retouch, modify, print, publicize the designs WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION of its creator. Any members encountered to violate copyrights of TBOC are subject to exclusion from the club as well as legal prosecution. Any persons outside the club who violate copyrights will be prosecuted.

2. Definitions

2.1 Tactical Beard Owner (abbreviated to „TBO“)

"Tactical" refers to the application of "tactics", specifically in regard to combat efficiency. Any topic related to equipment, training, literature, morale, experience sharing or other topic that contributes to, enhances or promotes combat efficiency is therefore deemed as “tactical”.The tactical beard owner (TBO) sports a serious beard, not only for personal or strategic security reasons but predominately for cultural acceptance from local inhabitants of hostile environments, who generally perceive bearded men as masculine, experienced and a senior figure within his organization (all above in addition to his personal passion for facial hair) and thereby a person worthy of respect. The TBO wears the beard as a sign of his attitude and not for fashion reasons.

2.2 Founder

The club was founded in September 2011 by Mike Hartmann. In this document or anywhere else he may be referred to as „founder“ only. This is equal to the „president“ of the club.

3. Objectives

3.1 Purposes

The purposes of TBOC are to bring together a group of like-minded people who enjoy similar philosophies and life experiences with a focus on a community spirit. 

The club will welcome all TBOs, regardless of their origin, as long as they met the prerequisites for membership and have been accepted by the founder. 

The club will promote firearms safety in general, as well as in education courses and in seminars of its certified members. 

The club will provide educational information on tactical improvements, combat gear, shooting techniques, firearms history, maintaining firearms and combat effectiveness. The club is not responsible for the accuracy or relevance of information it has not authored.

The club will promote job opportunities in the areas of operations the members are occupied in and will support members to find jobs and share job experience. The club is not responsible for the accuracy or relevance of information it has not authored.

3.2 Worldwide

TBOC is a worldwide club with members from many different countries. The club supports modern western ideologies and values, including freedom of speech and Human Rights. Persons who belong to organizations or nations which do not support or promote the same values will not be considered for membership. 

Membership of any persons is at the discretion of the founder.

Main language for all platforms shall be English.

3.3 Brotherhood

TBOC considers itself as a „brotherhood of men“, who are loyal to the other members and loyal to the club. TBOC shall be more than a network with friends on social media. TBOC provides a platform for members to arrange offline activities and meetings to enhance the brotherhood.

3.4 Events

The club promotes participation of its members in sporting and/or competitive events, charity events and other events for a good cause or for recreational purposes.

3.5 Meetings

The club promotes meetings for members to make acquaintance in real life for socializing. These meetings will be chapter meetings, attending training events or seminars and attending meetings for recreational purposes.

3.6 Charity

Although the club is not a non-profit charity organization it will spend time and effort and will use its name to promote charity events, organizations, purposes and personalities wherever possible as long as they are of relevance to the club objectives.

The club shall develop and effect TBOC charity events in the future.

4. Member Types and Membership Levels

4.1 Prerequisites

Applicants for membership must be 18+ years of age.

The applicant must have a clear criminal record and be prepared to submit proof of their clear criminal record upon request from the founder at any stage of their membership.

Individuals who behave in a manner which is dangerous or detrimental to the lives or welfare of innocent or other persons, themselves or members of TBOC, or are strongly suspected of being a racist, a bigot, a criminal, or a religious or political fanatic will not be accepted. Behavior which brings TBOC into disrepute, or has the potential to, will result in revocation of application.

The potential candidate must have a tactical background as described on the TBOC website under „Prerequisites“.

The potential candidate must have a beard style that is accepted for the club as described on the TBOC website under „Prerequisites“.

Applicants and members are required to submit authentic information for their profile. Using false information to register or maintain a profile with TBOC is not permitted and will result in suspension or termination of membership. If required, personal details and information can be hidden from a profile after registration, and will not be accessible to members other than the administrator. However, this will hinder the ability of the member to network with other members.

4.2 Member Types

The club has three main Member Types. Member, Life Member, Honorary Member.

Member: Entitled as „Member“ is any full member that has been accepted for membership and who uses any of the membership levels except for „Life Membership“ (which is awarded only).

Life Member: TBOC Life Membership is awarded to long-standing members for their contribution to the club. Life Members earned the right to have a voice in decisions of the club, although their attendance at meetings and club events isn’t mandatory. They will be a member for the rest of their life and they have the right to keep their patch even though if they may no longer take an active part of the club. Even if they retire from the club, they are still part of TBOC until they die.

Honorary Member: Honorary Member is an award to someone that is not a full member or Life Member therefore not partaking in the daily club life. An honorary member is characterized by being an outstanding personality that has a special relation to the club.

4.3 Membership Levels & Fees

The club has three regular and two special membership levels. Basic, Community, Pro and Staff, Life Member. The membership levels stand for different subscription models while the Member Types (4.2) resemble the „rank“.

Basic: Basic membership levels are FREE of charge and allow the member to participate in club life. He is free to join the TBOC Facebook group and has access to the website. Basic membership remains free as long as this level is maintained by the member. No TBOC Supply shop discounts can be given to this level.

Community: Community membership levels are at €3.75/Month (paid annually as recurring payment) and allow the member to participate in club life plus having access to more sophisticated information about members and access to all platforms including the TBOC Stronghold forum. He also receives a 10% discount for all purchases in the TBOC Supply shop. He is free to join the TBOC Facebook group in addition to the above.

Pro: Pro membership levels are at €5.75/Month (paid annually as recurring payment) and allow the member to participate in club life plus having access to the most sophisticated information about members and access to all platforms plus the TBOC Stronghold forum including all professional forum areas. He also receives a 20% discount for all purchases in the TBOC Supply shop. He is free to join the TBOC Facebook group in addition to the above.

Staff: Staff membership frees the member of any charges since this level requires the member to take part in organization of the club and contributing content. The access level and shop discount is equal to that of a pro membership. Selected members will be assigned to Staff level by the founder.

Life Membership: Life Membership is a member type as well as a subscription level. In addition to the status he receives (See 4.2 Member Type), he is free of any charges. He has access to all platforms and areas and receives a 30% discount on all purchases in the TBOC Supply shop.

4.3.1 Terms of Payment

Membership levels that include fees will require the member to have a PayPal® and/or bank account. "Automatic payment" levels also require the PayPal® account to have a valid credit card attached. With "automatic payment" levels your PayPal® account will be charged automatically once the membership period renews. If the member has no credit card attached to his PayPal® account, he can use "manual payments" only. He will be notified by the administration system through eMail and in his personal profile once every renewal of the membership period. He then has to settle the payment manually.

All membership levels that include fees will require to settle the payment annually in an advance payment at the start of the membership period.

The member will receive an invoice which is the request to settle the payment. The invoice will be sent automatically by eMail to the eMail account that was used for registration once the membership period starts.

The member agrees to settle any payments invoiced within seven days.

If the member is not able to settle the payment in time, he must contact the club's administration and clarify the reasons in time.

If the payment can not be settled in time, the member will be downgraded to "Basic" membership level, which is free (see 4.3 "Basic").

The member can upgrade his account later again if he is able to settle the fees.

Failure to settle payments in combination with failure to inform the club's administration can result in the general denial of any membership level other than "Basic" or in the termination of membership.

4.4 Renewal

Members of level „Community “and up (except Life Members) must renew their membership annually in accordance with the procedures set down by the club in regulations from time to time.

4.4.1 Proof of Beard (POB)

The above members must provide a POB every year prior to the end of the subscription period.

Failure to provide a proper POB within time will result in the drop of membership level down to „Basic” membership, regardless of the last earned level.

4.5 Level Change

Members are able to upgrade or downgrade their membership level (except for Staff and Life Members) at any time and in self-administration. They can do this via the TBOC website and their personal profile.

Level changes charge the new level fees in addition to last membership level if the level change is applied anywhere in the subscription period. Due to the self-administration refunds are not given.

4.6 Club Insignia

4.6.1 The Badge

The „Badge“ is the TBOC Velcro logo patch that can be purchased at the TBOC SUPPLY shop. 

The Badge is purchasable for MEMBERS ONLY.

The Badge shall be worn by MEMBERS ONLY.

4.6.2 Wearing or displaying Club Insignia

Only officially TBOC-released items that display TBOC design and logos are considered as legitimate club insignia. All items can be purchased at the TBOC SUPPLY Shop ONLY. All other items found outside of TBOC SUPPLY are plagiarism, illegitimate and illegal in regard of copyright laws (see 1.2).

Wearing club insignia in public requires proper display. 

Club insignia has to be respected and not in any way altered, modified, abused.

Any improper use of club insignia will result in a case of misconduct with its consequences.

Wearing illegitimate club insignia while holding a legitimate club membership is considered as a misconduct. 

Wearing legitimate or illegitimate club insignia prior to application for membership will disqualify a candidate for club membership.

4.6.3 Club Insignia Trial Period

In order to ensure only sincere and committed members represent the club by displaying TBOC insignia, members will be unable to purchase TBOC badges, gear and other merchandise from the TBOC Supply shop for a "trial period" of six months from the date of their approval and acceptance into the club.

Members shall not wear or display any TBOC badges, gear and other merchandise during their trial period with the club.

Failure to abide by this ruling may be grounds for termination of membership.

4.7 Application for Membership

4.7.1 Methods for Application

The method to apply for TBOC membership is by visiting, gather information about the prerequisites and then apply via the APPLICATION FORM. 

No other methods are provided or wanted.

4.7.2 Selection

All applicants will be checked by the founder if they do fit into the club. It is at the founder‘s discretion to accept a candidate as a member or not.

Once a candidate is accepted as a member he will be set to "Basic" membership level by default (see 4.3). He can upgrade his membership level by self-administration in his personal profile at any time after acceptance.

4.8 Invitation for Membership

Active members can invite potential candidates for a TBOC membership. They can contact the potential candidate and point him to the TBOC website. The applicant still has to use the APPLICATION FORM on the website and apply regularly.

4.9 Termination of Membership

4.9.1 Retirement

Members that want to retire from TBOC membership for whatever reasons can do so by contacting the founder and tell him that they want to retire. Retiring members are no longer listed as members unless they had the rank of „Life Member“ before retirement. The Insignia can be kept and still be worn but if asked by anyone they have to admit that they are no longer active.

4.9.2 Ban

A member that acts against other members or against the interests and objectives of the club is subject to be temporarily or permanently banned from the club.

A member can only be banned by the founder.

A „temporary ban“ is used to discipline members in minor cases.

A „permanent ban“ is applied if the case of misconduct was severe.

Permanently banned members lose all their club rights of displaying the insignia.

Permanently banned members will be deleted from the members directory database within 7 days after the ban is made official.

4.9.3 Death

A member who dies while holding TBOC membership will not lose his status. He will be listed as a "deceased member" of his last rank.

A deceased member shall receive the honor to join the chapter „High Grounds“. His name will be written on the High Grounds chapter flag.

A deceased member shall be memorialized and will be honored by displaying his photo and first name on the website – if it was the last selected option in his personal profile.

The whole club and its membership will mourn for a deceased member for a period of one month (four weeks counting from the day the member died).

For the time the club mourns, it will display a black ribbon on all public channels. Members are encouraged to show their respect to the deceased member by displaying the black ribbon and / or the logo of TBOC with the black ribbon on their social web pages and to share the official picture of the deceased that was released by TBOC.

For security reasons the accounts of the deceased will be deactived on all TBOC platforms.

Any TBOC insignia that was owned by the deceased shall be given to his nearest relatives and will remain with them as a sign of the membership's respect for the family.

4.10 Code of Conduct

4.10.1 Respect the Constitution

Prior to acceptance of membership the applicant is asked to agree to this constitution. The constitution is to be followed and respected as long as the membership continuous.

4.10.2 Respect the Rules

Certain by-laws (generally referred to as „the rules“ of TBOC) are to be respected in addition to the constitution. These are only relevant for daily club life (see paragraph 9). The rules may be adapted over time and they are as well to be followed as long as membership continues.

4.10.3 Respect the Club

TBOC assembles outstanding personalities of the tactical industry, active or ex- military and law enforcement. Joining this club is not easy. Members shall respect the club for being allowed to join.

4.10.4 Respect the Members

Members shall respect each other and always be there for other members to support them.

Members shall be loyal and do not lie to, betray, mistreat or work against each other.

4.10.5 Respect the Privacy and maintain Security

Members have to maintain Operational and Personal Security at all times.

All information – personal, operational, administrative, communicative of origin – in forms of visual and/or audible content shall not be shared with third parties and persons or entities outside of the club.

Forwarding inside information to outsiders that was gained in private and closed groups, chats, forums of TBOC will be seen as severe misconduct and will lead to direct termination of the membership.

In case of an emergency, danger or threat to the life or welfare of a member, the founder and the staff members are allowed to forward that specific member‘s contact information to other members or relevant authorities in an attempt to save that member. 

4.10.6 Misconduct of a Member

In the case of misconduct and contravening the constitution or the rules of the club or if the founder perceives a member to have acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the club or likely to bring the club into disrepute, the founder will notify the member of the complaint in writing and request the member to submit to the founder a written statement responding to the complaint or attend a meeting with the founder.

Should no statement from the member be received within 7 days the founder will withdraw membership of that member from TBOC without further notice.

In the cases where the reasons are inexplicable or the founder rates the misconduct as dangerous to the welfare of the club and/or its members, the founder will withdraw the particular membership without further notice.

5. Affiliations

Tactical Beard Owners Club has no affiliations with whomsoever.

6. Organization of the Club

6.1 The Founder

The club will be administered by its founder in general, unless noted otherwise in the following.

The founder is the helmsman of the club and will maintain the course of actions as they are presented in the TBOC Constitution. He will be on top of the affairs and will take the advanced position to lead and make the pacing as well as to implement ideas that evolute the club.

The founder shall act as official spokesperson for the club.

The founder shall liaise with other like organizations with similar aims for the benefit of this club.

The founder shall represent the club on all official occasions.The founder may deputize one or more of the „Staff“ or „Life Members“ to act on any of the aforementioned occasions.

The founder selects and assembles a circle of members that function as a catalyst for administration and decision making. He establishes Staff members that help to administer the club and he maintains a "TBOC Council", whose members will bring additional perspectives to decision making on behalf of the whole membership and the welfare of the club as a whole.

6.2 The Staff

Specific members of good standing that show high skills in the areas of communication, socializing and administration will be asked by the founder to join the ranks of the TBOC Staff to help administer internal and external affairs in the name of the club. 

New Staff members can be proposed and vouched for by other Staff members, however the founder reserves the right to veto against a candidate if he has any doubt in a proposed member.

Joining the rank of Staff must be accompanied with an assignment to a specific task. Tasks will evolute out of the needs the club has and can be fluid over time. Tasks can include but are not limited to moderation of member communication on different channels, writing documents for member information, doing research, contacting members, general administration and project leadership (see 6.4).

Staff members have a higher responsibility for the club than regular members and shall be seen as advisors and mentors for the other members. In this role their advise and direction shall be respected by the other members and be followed at all times.

6.3 The Council

The TBOC Council represents an assembly of good standing members convened for deliberate decision making for the welfare of the club.

The Council members are selected by the founder but can also be proposed and vouched for by the other Council members. The founder reserves the right to veto against a candidate if he has any doubt in a proposed member.

The Council's duty is to provide different perspectives in a private discussion forum for evaluating major decisions in the name of TBOC. While the founder reserves the right to make any decision on his very own, he will seek the advise and listens to additional points of view of the council members before he makes a major decision.

Council members share a high responsibility for the welfare of the club and their advise shall be respected by the regular club members. The direction and orders coming from the Council members are well-conceived and have to be followed by the members at all times.

6.4 Project Management

For specific projects the founder can assign the lead in project organization to specific members that manage the projects by their objectives.

The project managers shall report any information to the founder and keep him in the loop.

Any project decisions in the name of the club shall be negotiated with the founder and be authorized by him first.

Members are forbidden to act in the name of TBOC if not authorized by the founder.

6.5 Member Selection

The founder will administer all applications and selects the potential candidates to check if they will fit into the club.

The founder will decide who will be accepted for club membership.

The founder shall seek advice for the decision from good standing club members that know the applicant or have information on him.

6.6 Event & Meeting Management

The management of events and meetings can be delegated to a specific member that volunteers to organize the meeting or event.

The organizing member can be of any membership level.

The organizing member shall report any information to the founder.

Any decisions on meetings or events that require the organizing member to contact outside persons in the name of TBOC shall be negotiated with the founder and be authorized by him first.

7. Chapters

7.1 Role and Purpose

The club shall promote the connection of members on a regional basis.

These connections shall be called „chapters“.

Chapters help members to organize locally and meet more regularly.

Every TBOC member shall be welcomed to a specific chapter if he is in the vicinity of it.

7.2 Building Chapters

Chapters can be built according to the „Chapter and Flags“ rules as found on the TBOC website in the member-only area.

7.3 Chapter Hosts

Each chapter shall have a chapter host assigned by the founder.

The host will be the responsible person that receives the chapter flag and he will be the member that can be contacted by others to get in touch with that chapter.

The chapter host has the obligation to maintain the welfare of the chapter and to protect and take care of the flag at all times as long as he is the host.

He also has the responsibility to be reachable at all times possible. Good communication skills and ability to respond in a reasonable timeframe is a prerequisite.

The Host has no authority to demand any special prerequisites or deeds from the other members that want to join that particular chapter.

The host can change from time to time to make sure that everyone in the chapter is able to get hold on the flag and to share responsibility and the work of organizing meeting events.

7.4 Chapter Flags

Once the chapter is acknowledged by the founder and initiated by its host, the chapter receives a chapter flag (one per chapter only).

The chapter flags shall remain property of TBOC at all times.

8. Finance

The Tactical Beard Owners Club provides a unique service for its members that will costs fees.

All profits made in the name of the club belong to the founder. It is at his discretion to decide if and how much of the profit is reinvested into services and benefits for the members.

Club members are not allowed to make profit in the name of Tactical Beard Owners Club.

The profits are used to run the services like web and database hosting, graphic design and software licensing and to compensate the effort the founder has to administer the daily club life.

The founder feels obliged (but is not liable) to use part of the profit to reinvest into free services for the members. The actual amount of profit to be reinvested is at the founder’s discretion.

Free services include (but are not limited to) free chapter flags, financial aid for certain authorized projects and free TBOC items for certain members to promote the club.

9. By-Laws

By-Laws that are not included in this constitution do exist for administrative purposes and they are called „Rules“.

The rules are handling the daily club life and are seen as to be applied in addition to the constitution.

Rules can be developed, changed and applied by the founder only.

Members agree to the rules by continuing to hold membership in the club.

Members must inform themselves about the content and act to the rules accordingly.

Breaking the constitution or the rules is considered as „misconduct“of a member.

10. Liabilities

Tactical Beard Owners Club and its founder are in no way responsible for the actions of its members who falsely act in the name of the club without any authorization of the founder.

TBOC and its founder are not responsible for any harm, damage, injury that is done to the financial, psychical, physical situation or the reputation of its members while attending to a club event or club meeting or generally partaking in the club life. Any participation at club events, club meetings and the club life in general is voluntarily and is at the member‘s own risk and discretion. 

11. Amendments

The constitution of the Tactical Beard Owners Club is subject to amendments over time, however no changes will take effect before they are officially announced to the members by the founder or authorized Staff Members.

Mike Hartmann

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