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Within TBOC a chapter stands for group that consists of 5+ members that are located within the same area or close by. The purpose of a chapter is to have a place where members connect and meet in real life for socializing and to learn more about the others in chapter organized meeting events. Chapters can be considered as a "bastion" or "safe area" where members can seek refuge and to meet and make acquaintance with others of the brotherhood. This is especially true for chapters that are "downrange".

Chapter Host
Each chapter will have a designated chapter host. The host will be the responsible person that receives the chapter flag (see the info about flags and chapter down below) and he will be the member that will be contacted by others to get in touch with that chapter.

Meetings have the purpose to bring together TBOC members that are nearby so that they can chat, share stories and experiences or even do activites together like training, visits, attending to special events etc. Meetings will be organized by the according chapter host in the lead, with suport from his chapter comrades.

Access to our chapters are for TBOC members only. Chapter locations and hosts are classified and only known to the specific chapter members due to the nature of this club.

TBOC Chapters Worldwide

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  • C42 "Kansas"
  • C41 "Denmark"
  • C40 "Alaska"
  • C39 "Bergen"
  • C38 "Cologne"
  • C37 "South Africa"
  • C36 "Malmö"
  • C35 "Gothenburg"
  • C34 "Uppsala"
  • C33 "France"
  • C32 "Laupheim"
  • C31 "Toronto"
  • C30 "Luxembourg"
  • C29 "Austria"
  • C28 "Belgium"
  • C27 "Arizona"
  • C26 "Italy"
  • C25 "Valhall"
  • C24 "Oregon"
  • C23 "Missouri"
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